Date of the event

19. 9. 2024


20 transport experts

Number of participants


Already after two years of the Road Transport Conference, organized by the association ČESMAD Slovakia in the X-Bionic Sphere in Šamorín, we can say that it is becoming a permanent forum where transport experts, transport operators and partners from the sector meet. The excellent credit of the event is confirmed by the fact that more than 350 participants gathered here last year. The individual panels offered twenty different speakers. Be part of the conference this year!


A bonus this year will also be foreign guests and speakers from the field of IT and AI. Therefore, simultaneous interpretation will be provided for the conference participants.

Conference topics

Driver shortage and how to address it

There is an alarming shortage of more than 13 800 lorry and bus drivers in Slovakia. We must look for solutions to this situation first and foremost at home by improving the link between education and practice in order to make the driving profession more attractive to young people. The generational change is very slow and young drivers under the age of 25 make up only 5% and the average age of a driver in Slovakia is 50 years. In addition, we will discuss how to streamline the processes of employing drivers from third countries and how to solve the problems related to the recognition of their professional qualifications in Slovakia. We’ll also answer your questions on how to successfully search for drivers abroad.

The impact of ESG on green transport investment

In this panel, we will touch on the area of corporate sustainability reporting, the new regulation for counting transport emissions, and the possible mandatory purchase of zero-emission vehicles. What will the customer require from the haulier as part of their sustainability reporting and what will their obligations be? How does transport contribute to each company’s indirect emissions? What is the state of the infrastructure for alternative fuel vehicles and how should the state support the transition to green mobility in freight and bus transport? What needs to change in state policy and will the EU funds help us? We will show a model example of a process for calculating emissions from a transport service and explain its relevance and added value in the context of customer procurement of this service.

More efficient traffic management – optimisation for the haulier

How can carriers use modern technology and innovation to optimise their operations? Intelligent transport systems and the use of artificial intelligence are key elements in the drive to achieve more efficient traffic management, resulting in lower costs and reduced empty journeys. Can a haulier still manage its transport and its fleet efficiently on its own without the help of digital tools? How can these technologies help hauliers identify optimal routes and minimize fuel consumption? Will we have real-time data on staging areas? Together we will discover how innovations in transport management can contribute to increasing the efficiency and competitiveness of transport companies. In short, we will talk about the new fleet management standard and we will also offer a CMR solution in electronic form. We’ll also talk about the compulsory replacement of tachographs, be warned, there’s no postponement, and we’ll also introduce you to the new features of the smart tachograph version 2 that will help you avoid fines.